Spalding ladies 1s were feeling positive and ready for their last game of the season. The game began quite slowly due to the unexpected pace of the ball on the pitch but this didn’t hinder Spalding’s performance. After just 4 minutes the first short corner was won. A great injection from Kate sent the ball to Ellie who found the back board through the keepers legs. An unexpected, abrupt pause with stopped time, due to the umpire running into the goal left Spalding some time to reconvene and reset themselves. Spalding continued to play well however did not convert, finishing the first half 1-0. 

Coming into the second half strong Spalding  found the back of the net again, with fantastic play between Kate and Georgina. Georgina secured the second goal for Spalding. Only 3 minutes later did Amy find herself on the score sheet, after a great deflection from man of the match, Georgina. Battling against some interesting umpiring did not falter Spalding, with continuous great play from the defenders kept South out. Another fantastic attack from Jess and a deflection from Amy increased Spalding’s score again to 4-0. A quick counter from south found a gap in Spalding’s defence, finding themselves a goal. Doughnut of the day, LaurenS found herself at expense of this attack after being floored by their defence who was lying on her back on the floor. This however did not affect Spalding who fought to the end. With an excellent shot from Evie and a poorly timed whistle, left Spalding with an excellent 4-1 win to finish the season. Great performance from everyone.

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