Spalding Ladies 3s  2 March Town 1s 2

Spalding were determined to show progress compared to the first-time round of meeting March and they quickly succeeded with this. The sunshine and positivity certainly shone for every player and the crowd. After some wonderful passing, the home team secured a short corner. The plan did not quite work out but it was not long before they grabbed another and captain Charlotte Morris ensured she smashed it securely into the goal. Player of the match Camille Rogers and sidekick Vicky Worrall dominated midfield, dragging players in many directions and switching the ball from left to right when needed. Elosie Doughty and Honor Pearson successfully ran down the wings and used the space well throughout. March, who are much higher in the league broke fast slipping the ball well between the attacking players at many times during the game. They attempted to put pressure on the Spalding defenders, but Dean, Morris and Tizzano had it covered for much of the game. Tizzano recovering from injury and basking in the glorious weather, worked hard supporting those all around her. Spalding were the more exciting side throughout and seemed to be building in spirit and confidence throughout. Right before half-time, a flurry of short corners were awarded to the opposition and the home-side could not keep the ball out taking it to 1-1.

March with less players came back from half time determined to secure the win, but Spalding were equally as focussed. Terri Bateman once again with her travelling buddy Samantha Foston made some fabulous passes to one another to lure March into making some interesting tackles. Lucy McClements, Chloe P and AJ Bunyan certainly showed off their strength in attack and modelled well to the youngsters in how to move and pass constantly to ensure the ball headed towards the goal. Suddenly, March grabbed another short corner and slipped it past Eliza Morris who had had an excellent game with her saves and focus throughout. Spalding knew they could grab another one back and kept playing to the whistle. Balls to Holly Gleave and Khloe Brewster were utilised well and showed the progress they have made this season. Special mention to Sharon Amess, who battled throughout and often led the charge up the pitch linking with every player at various points of the game. In the last minute of the game, Spalding were awarded a short corner. It was hit out hard and Morris struck it sweetly but the keeper got a slight touch to it but it was Rogers who ensured through a scrappy part of play got it across the line to end the incredible battle 2-2. One of Spalding’s best performances and one the crowd admired and cheered at. A vital point and one that they are extremely proud of.

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