Spalding Ladies 3s 3 St Neots 2s 0

Spalding already jubilant with birthday celebrations began their attack with player of the match Vicky Worrall driving forwards and smashing the ball into the goal in the first two minutes. The team continued their dominance and showed some fantastic linking play between Worrall and Camille Rogers who simply out played the opposition the entire game. Rogers was able to intercept many balls and slot the ball forwards to teammate Chloe P or Lucy McClements. They were able to pressure the opposition constantly and won an abundance of short corners. After this, Worrall received a super pass at the top of the D and struck it beautifully to score again. Spalding feeling elated and determined to grab three points, then worked a short corner successfully for Chloe P to sneak one past the keeper again to take it 3-0 at half time.

The Spading side worked hard in the second half negotiating the play as well as the weather. They continued to work hard and build up some fantastic play from the defence through to the attackers. Sharon Amess broke down an incredible amount of the St Neot’s play as well as Lisa Dean working hard on the left with Terri Bateman and Eloise Doughty. Captain Charlotte Morris continued to hit the ball out to the forwards to ensure the opposition were caught short especially with AJ Bunyon dribbling at them. This fun and positive side remained confident throughout even when an off the ball incident left defender Kelly Tizzano injured. A super game to watch and was superbly managed by Michael Morris and Tim Maltby.

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