Spalding came into today game ready for a battle with the  pelicans. The game started in fast pace with great runs down the line from Amy Naylor and Kate Ames, then with a run from Ames she found Ellie holland who took a wonderful shot and found the back of the net. With the game going all spaldings way there was another attack form Lauren Spenceley who took a reverse shot on goal where it hit pelicans on the line and we won a penalty flick which goergina Maplethorpe perfectly converted. Pelicans found they way into the game when spalding had a player sent off and took advantage of that and found the goal the first half ended 2-1. The second half started with fast pace again from spalding who created a lot of chances and where unable to convert them and then pelicans won them selves a short corner, which they converted which left it 2-2. Spalding put up a battle when chasing for the win, Spenceley found herself with  the ball in the D and took a short and it flew past the goal keeper. With spalding winning 3-2 pelicans kept  piling on the pressure to find an equaliser but they couldn’t the game ended 3-2 spalding. 

Joint Man of the match Ellie and Georgina 

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