Cambridge 1s 3 – 1 Spalding 1s
In today’s hockey match between Spalding 1s and Cambridge at Cambridge, it was an intense showdown. Cambridge took the lead with an open-play goal, but Spalding quickly equalized with a fantastic counter-attack, as Darren Grooby squared it to Dan Azzopardi who found the net. However, Cambridge regained the lead with another open-play goal, making it 1-2. Both teams battled fiercely, especially Spalding, creating numerous chances throughout the game.
After halftime, the intensity continued, with both teams pushing for goals. Despite Spalding’s efforts and the creation of plenty of opportunities, it was Cambridge who extended their lead to 1-3 with a penalty corner conversion. Despite the scoreline, both teams displayed great determination, making it an entertaining match for the spectators. Oscar Haunch made some remarkable saves throughout the match, keeping his team in contention. In the end, it was Cambridge who emerged victorious in what was a fiercely contested encounter.
MOM – Sam Howitt 
DOD – Steve Rogers 
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