Men’s 4 played Bourne deeping at Glinton the match started off very well with Spalding keeping possession of the ball for the  main part of the first 15 minutes .

Just after Bourne deeping gained a short corner which hit a defensive foot so  a penalty flick was awarded but this was brilliantly saved by Eddy Sawyer. 


Sadly Bourne  deeping took further possession and dribbled forwards and slotted in the first goal . After the ball was pushed out again Spalding gained a short corner which nearly went in but was blocked. Shortly after Spalding gained control of the ball and Reuben Rogers and the wingers dribbled up the pitch trying to score to even the score but Bourne’s defence took the ball and passed around Spalding’s players ending with another goal for Bourne.
Then Spalding went back with their heads up not ready to give up , passing the ball around the Bourne players Spalding were going to goal when a Bourne defender stopped the ball in its tracks and hit it away.Ethan Worrall stopped the ball with a reverse pick out of the air , and slipped the ball to Mark who smashed the ball into the goal .This spurred Spalding on and again the midfielders passed the ball making good use of the wingers on their way to goal . Spalding had lots of attempts but Bourne’s defence kept on defending and passing it down the line to a strong striker who added two more goals when it became 4:1. 
With three of the more experienced players called up to the 3rd team and two other unavailable this was a very good result against a Bourne side who have lost one all season and sit 2nd.  
Spalding still hold 4th place with a local derby against Long Sutton to follow next week. 

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