Spalding Ladies 3s 0 Cambridge City 6 3

Spalding travelled away for a late afternoon game with a small squad against the top of the table. Jubilant in spirit and keen as badgers to gain some vital points, the team made a slow start to get going. City were quick to put the pressure on were awarded a short corner, minutes into the game. Once Spalding settled and were able to make some breaks one of the players of the match, Sam Foston demonstrated some super skills with dribbling through the opposition and connecting with forward Chloe P or winger Eloise Doughty. Attempts were made to get the ball into the D but the home side defence were just too strong. City utilised the ball well and caused the midfielders to have work extremely hard – another player of the match Camille Rogers cut many balls out and linked will with Chloe P and Khloe Brewster to get the ball forwards. The Cambridge side made many breaks and managed to slot one through Eliza Morris’s legs, however, this away side were not disheartened as they recognised, they were playing well.

The second half began well with lots of play being sent Holly Gleave’s way, who at times was able to make some head way towards goal. Honor Pearson from right back worked tirelessly (another player of the match) and pressed hard and intercepted often, then took the ball quickly forwards. As always, the effort of Sharon Amess did not go unnoticed and ensured that the defence were always supported. City who were awarded multiple short corners were unable to convert any thanks to the solidness of Amess, Pearson, Terri Bateman and Charlotte Morris. Unfortunately, key player Vicky Worral, who had been making some important passes and interceptions during the game was taken out whilst defending needed to leave the pitch injured, causing Spalding to have dig deep. City took full advantage of this and scored two great goals even with the fabulous tackles of Bateman slowing them down. Tuneful keeper and another player of the match Morris continued to make some crucial and critical saves for the rest of the half and helped to ensure the game remained at 3-0.

A well fought battle that didn’t have a glittering end that was hoped for but one that they can all be proud of.

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