Spalding Ladies 3s 6 Kettering Ladies 3s 0

Keen to build upon the success of two back-to-back wins, the home side were full of positivity and excitement as they led out onto the pitch. They began well and showed that by playing the ball wide to Eloise Doughty and Jennie Bradley, it could be dribbled round players to find the attackers and pressure the Kettering goalkeeper. Spalding with the dynamic trio of Vicky Worrell, Sam Foston and Camile Rogers dictated the game from the centre and successfully broke down play, delivered well timed balls and found themselves taking players on one by one throughout first half.

 At around the fifteen minutes mark, Terri Bateman found herself slotting the ball into the bottom corner to take the lead confidently. Several minutes later another was scored but disallowed. Spalding were eager to add more and suddenly Lucy McClements, one on one with the keeper, ensured she took the lead to 2-0 brilliantly. Spalding were simply stunned when they had another disallowed. The management team were slick in their substituting and motivational support on the side and ensured that the shape was kept throughout. A massive thank you to you all.

Just before half time, Sam Foston decided to take the defence on and easily dribbled through skilfully to score. Spalding were jubilant at half time but knew it could change so ensured they discussed and kept to their tactics. Soon into the second half, Charlotte Morris hit the ball through to Player of the match Khloe Brewster, who stepped into the D and slapped the ball past the keeper. It was an impressive goal from the youngster! The team continued to work hard and the defence were tested on occasions but simply outplayed the opposition. Terri Bateman managed to grab another goal which sent the crowd wild and with the excitement building for another win, the final short corner of the day saw a cheeky slip to McClements who then pushed it into the goal.

This Spalding side have certainly begun the second half of the season with a bang! There are a few more challenging games ahead for the next few weeks but with confidence high anything is possible with this fabulous group of people!

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