Spalding 2’s vs Kettering 2’s

A cold and windy day at Glenn park hosted Spalding and Kettering, despite the worries of a frozen pitch.

Spalding started well with some strong passing play up and down the pitch forcing pressure upon Kettering and having some good opportunities to score but just lacking the final touch. The passing play continued and Matthew McManamon-Cookson received the ball on the right wing to then play a strong ball into the D which Adolfo Chantre scored, 1-0 to Spalding, halftime. 

After the rest of Kettering’s subs arrived they seemed to find the missing piece and started to come at Spalding hard, having some solid chances which Callaby, Maplethorpe and the Fravigars were able to withstand until conceding a goal from a short corner, 1-1. Spalding began to fight their way back into the game playing some good hockey finding spaces down the wing and creating plenty of chances, including a second goal as a shot from Tiago Read left the ball hovering in the air for Tom Pilgrim to slam dunk into the goal, 2-1. Noticeable performances from MoM Matthew McManamon-Cookson, Harry Maplethorpe and Robbie Callaby. DoD Finn Roy.

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