Spalding Ladies 3s 2 Peterborough Ladies 4s 1

It was very wet and miserable Saturday morning, and the home side were determined to spread a little Christmas magic to all those near. With the management and coaching team ringing the bells loudly with instructions, Spalding started confidently. They kept their passes simple and even though captain Charlotte Morris had rearranged her little elves, they did not disappoint. The sparkle of Sam Fosten and Jennie Bradley out wide certainly gave Peterborough something to worry about. Midfielders Vicky Worrall and Camile Rogers ensured they were dashing all over the pitch challenging and taking the ball forwards. The opposition, who were working hard were able to hit the ball through at times and put the defensive elves under pressure but Terri Bateman certainly was a star throughout and won the ball often. Halfway through the first half, Peterborough intelligently played the ball onto a foot in the D and Spalding stopped dead in their tracks waiting for the short corner to be awarded but instead the ball rolled across the goal line leaving them stunned. Not to be out done, Spalding re-grouped and from a defensive hit out, through to the midfield it finally found it’s way to our very own festive player of the match Lucy McClements, who slotted it across the line. Peterborough continued to battle hard and keeper Eliza Morris had to make some very quick saves in succession and showed how she has become a real cracker in this position now.

At half time, coach Tim Maltby shared some cheer and joy with the team. His careful explanations ensured the team kept their reindeer formation and supported Holly Gleave out on the wing to make some brilliant runs and passes throughout the game. Honor Pearson certainly embraced her position and stood out to many throughout the game with her meeting of the ball and strategic ideas. Spalding were certainly demonstrating the grit and determination that they had at the beginning of the season and even when defending several short corners, they cleared it successfully each time. Sweeper, Sharon Amess was an angel with her continued hunting for the ball and winning free hits and suddenly halfway through the second half, a quick string of successful passes found their way to rocking robin McClements and she secured another goal. This sent her wild and very quickly a stroke was awarded, and we all hoped the lights of a hat trick available would help her to score but it was not to be. The game ended in a memorable 2-1 win and Christmas celebrations back at Tonic 44 who have been an incredible support all season. The team would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and are now eager to grab some points.

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