Spalding Ladies 3s 1 March Ladies 1 5

Spalding travelled and arrived to a frosty pitch in March that was half in sunshine and half in darkness. After warming up and explaining a couple of new positions, the whistle blew and off they went. Although Spalding managed to intercept several passes, March were able to tip tap round the defence and score an early goal. Minutes later, with a save made, keeper Eliza Morris left the pitch injured and player of the match and legend Lucy McClements bounced into replace her to face a penalty stroke. March went 2-0 up. Spalding began to pass the ball around in the sunshine and made some great attacking play. They won a short corner but Charlotte Morris couldn’t use her mighty strike this week to her advantage. They won another but a foul was committed, and another chance slipped by. The opposition were the stronger side and utilised their talent for working the ball and took many strikes but the whipper snapper of McClements stopped the majority with Grace Hogett and Honor Pearson right by her side. Just before half time another two were scored to take it to 4-0.

Manager Michael Morris set out the expectations of winning the second half. Utilising the tactic of man marking their main player with the skill of Camille Rogers and Jenny Bradley, Spalding suddenly had more chances especially when some of the players had thawed out and the 16-yard hit outs reached the slightly peaky Samantha Foston and eager Terri Robinson. With Chloe P and Eloise Doughty battling with the rebounds, Doughty slipped it past the keeper to grab a cheeky one. Spalding with a spring in the step and a couple of slides on the frosty side were determined to score more. Holly Gleave worked hard in her new position and as always the dynamo partnership of Vicky Worrel and Sharon Amess was particularly impressive. Just before the end of the game, March scored once again but it was Spalding who certainly felt like they had played better the second half. Onwards and upwards for this fantastic team.

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