Spalding ladies 1s came away from home to play a table topping team, st Neots 1s. Knowing this would be a difficult game, did not cause spaldings defence to panic. With retaining possession from Evie and pippa, allowed Spalding to remain in control of the game. St Neots however were able to eventually intercept play and lead them to an attack on goal. An excellent save from Freya and work from the defence denied them of this opportunity. Man of the match Jess ball continued to keep the attackers out of the D with tackle after tackle. Leading to a score of only 1-0 to St Neots at half time. As the temperatures began to drop and the pitch began to freeze, made things slightly more difficult. A quick counter attack from Jess and Ellie challenged the unexpecting defence of St Neots allowing for a scoring opportunity which was unfortunately saved. Spalding efforts did not falter and despite Freyas excellent efforts, lead to an overall loss of 4-0. Excellent play from all today and was a brilliant effort. Mom: Jess Ball DoD: Lauren Spenceley  

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