Spalding Ladies 3s 2 Camb Nomads Ladies 2s

Spalding managed to get off to a flying start when forward Samantha Foston dribbled through the opposition and grabbed a short corner. Injector and player of the match Chloe P hit the ball towards captain Charlotte Morris who smashed it into the bottom corner after two minutes of the starting whistle. This was a brilliant start and Spalding made some more successful attacking runs giving the home-side hope of some points. The Cambridge side then suddenly changed gear and began to overload the midfield and defence with their break away runs and slick passing. The defence were under constant pressure and struggled to keep them out of the D. After about 10 minutes, the opposition scored an equaliser and this is how it remained for the rest of the half.

Manger Tim Maltby at half time talked to Spalding about shape and possession and they had a clear plan of what to do. However, it did not take long before Cambridge scored three in quick succession stunning the home side. Midfielders, Roz Dennis, Vicky Worrell and Jenny Bradley made some fantastic interceptions and were able to move the ball towards the attacking D, but it was challenging to score against the opposition. The Spalding side were always in hope of scoring more and Lucy McClements with her constant hunger for the ball grabbed one sending cheers from the crowd.

Spalding put up a great fight but the discipline from Cambridge was excellent and they scored another two before the final whistle. Spalding had a couple more chances but they went wide just of the post. The home side congratulated the opposition with the great play but were disappointed to not have scored more.

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