In a gripping encounter between Spalding and Long Sutton, Spalding dominated possession throughout the first half, orchestrating numerous attacks with several short corners and shots on goal. Despite their offensive prowess, the first half remained goalless as Long Sutton’s defense held firm, with their goalkeeper making crucial saves.
In the second half Spalding kept battling hard with MOM Jess Ball making several opportunities to score but the team remained unsuccessful. Unfortunately in the second half Long Sutton capitalized on a counter-attack, breaking through Spalding’s defense to score a decisive goal, taking a 1-0 lead. Spalding, undeterred, continued to press forward, showcasing skillful ball control and persistent attacks.
Despite commendable efforts, Long Sutton’s defense proved resilient, Spalding’s numerous short corners showcased their strategic approach, but they were unable to convert these opportunities into goals.

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