Spalding went into the weekend with their heads held high after an outstanding performance the previous week looking to carry the momentum on. The game started strong with both teams challenging for possession with equal opportunities to score. Matt Pottle had Spalding’s first true opportunity after Wisbech conceded a penalty flick, however the post saved Wisbech who seemed to step their game up and kept Spalding on the back foot, eventually being able to score off a short corner making the score 0-1 going into half time.

The second half was a lot stronger for Spalding being able to hold possession for longer however it didn’t stop Wisbech from finding their way through and winning short corners, thanks to Rob Callaby and Harry Maplethorpe making some key saves, Spalding managed to keep themselves in the game. Nearing the end of the match it was clear that Wisbech were frustrated at their lack of goals which allowed Spalding to push through, resulting in a short corner which was placed perfectly in the goal from a Matt Hulme drag flick to level the game 1-1 towards the closing moments. Man of the match Rob Callaby.

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