On this day of remembrance a poppy wearing Spalding ladies 2’s were at home to host Huntingdon, Spalding were shown early on by Huntingdon  why  their experienced and organised defence meant any goals were going to be well earned. To emerge with a 3-0 victory was a result to be proud of and another clean sheet from the defence equally deserves mentioning. 
The opening goal came midway through the first half when Sophie Wilson passed to Karen Timby who linked through to Charlotte Maplethorpe  who is current top female goal scorer across the whole of the East  Hockey  league.
Going into the second half only one goal up meant Spalding needed to push harder, with backs Sam Maltby and Leanne Isaac -Pick pushing hard up the field to create extra pressure.  The second goal came from Timby, an unstoppable power shot from the top of the D. 
Man of the match Kelly Cooper and Honor Moore caused the Huntingdon defence countless problems so much so that when Moore was substituted a defender thanked a higher power for the decision! 
The final goal of the match was sent across the goal by Maplethorpe for Hennie Boekestyn to tap it in  over the line.  The whole team worked hard to secure victory .

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