Spalding 2’s vs City of Peterborough 5’s

A wet and windy start of the day saw Spalding travel away to Peterborough for an early push back which Spalding took on the front foot pressing Peterborough hard and testing their backline. Spalding was able to retain the ball really well over the first half outplaying Peterborough through simple and quick passes which allowed Tiago Read to score off a short corner placing the ball in the bottom corner putting Spalding ahead 1-0. Spalding’s domination over the game started to trickle away after the goal which allowed Peterborough to equalise off a quick counter attack just before half time, 1-1.

Spalding retained their fighting spirits into the second half with some good quick passing leading to Tim Maltby receiving the ball in the D and finding the backboard putting Spalding 2-1 up. With a goal in hand Spalding continued to hunt for a third, the entire team working like a well oiled machine with new star Matt Hulme at the engine who was able to pick up the ball on the penalty spot to slot home Spalding’s third and final goal, 3-1. Man of the match Matt Hulme.

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