Spalding 1s 5-0 Cambridge 1s
A rainy morning had left the pitch in perfect conditions by 2 o’clock for the strong spalding side to hand Cambridge there 2nd ever loss in league hockey since the team was created. Spalding dove head first into the game putting high pressure on the opposition; forcing mistakes and lost balls; capitalising on these errors and gaining possession. For this reason it took only  10 minutes until a gap opened up for Stuart C to carry the ball into the D and drive the ball into the bottom right corner with a powerful reverse shot. Taking this goal advantage in their stride spalding continued to apply pressure and after some meticulous passing the ball was worked into Cambridge’s D where a short corner was won. The drag from Stuart C was deflected off the keeper towards the back stick where Harry B could increase the lead to 2-0 after 14 minutes. Spalding were feeling invincible going into the second half where they continued to dominate possession waiting patiently to pounce which happened 6 minutes into the half when Harry N zipped a ball into the D for Harry B to slot round the keeper. Shortly after this spalding were pummelled with a barrage of short corners with 6 in a row being swatted away from goal by spalding’s  defence, one save being in spectacular fashion as Oscar H heads the ball clear, meaning the score remained in spalding’s favour. Tensions began to rise due to the slippery pitch claiming many victims and players on both sides were becoming agitated. A yellow card, green card and temporary injury saw Cambridge down a player multiple times in this half and spalding took this opportunity and ran with it as Stuart C utilises flashy and effective dribbling to eliminate multiple defenders in the D and flicked the ball across the mouth of the goal where it made it’s way into the net for Stu’s 2nd goal and Spalding’s 4th. Finally, Dan A joined the score sheet in the final minute with a well earned goal after so many close misses which he elucidated with a vigorous celebration. Spalding made perfect use of the wet pitch letting the ball do the work throughout the whole game and not forcing passes which resulted in their incredibly comfortable win.
MOM: Harry Blackman
DOD: Harry Blackman
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