Spalding ladies 1s came out to face st Neots 2s hungry for a win. The slight sludgy and water logged pitch did not dishearten Spalding, evidenced through the quick attack from Kate to Lauren who pushed the ball on the defenders foot winning a short corner. Leading to a goal scored from an unstoppable shot by Evie. In great spirits, Spalding continued to work tirelessly keeping play firmly within the attacking half. Excellent play within the D and a strike from Ellie allowed Erin to convert the rebound with an effortless goal. Not even 5 minutes later did Erin increase her scoring tally, with a strike through the keepers legs. Finishing off for half time, 3-0. Spalding continued their great play, attacking short corners were no stranger to this game. Within the first 2 minutes of the second half 3 short corners were won. With a powerful slap from Evie and a great deflection from Georgina winning a short, opened once again a scoring opportunity. A cross bar shot from Georgina narrowly missed the goal until she was able to expertly push the ball over the keepers head straight into the net. Increasing Spalding’s scoring tally once again. The defence continued to keep play out of the attacking third and in the attacking half throughout the game. Jess continued to battle through the midfield laying off the ball to Maisie finding herself a much earned goal. Unfortunately Spalding success was hindered and another skilful run from Jess passed off to Kate who worked the ball in the D to score, was disallowed. Spalding however continued to fight, with another short corner converted by Evie lead the score to 6-0. With a final attack from Spalding came from Evie again with her precision slap that found Lauren who defected the ball to Erin once again, finding her way onto the scoring sheet, completing her hat trick of the day. An excellent, well fought 7-0 win.

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