Spalding Ladies 3s 1 Cambridge City 6 3
Spalding had recognised that although the opposition were higher up in league table, there was certainly an opportunity to grab some points. The Spalding side seemed well organised even with a shuffle around of positions for some players and began well. There were some well-played passes allowing players to link up nicely such as from Ros Dennis and Grace Hogett which encouraged attacking playing quickly. Around the ten minute mark, Spalding were awarded a well-deserved short corner which captain Charlotte Morris smashed into the bottom corner to take the lead. This lead continued for a short while, but Cambridge kept driving towards the defence putting them and keeper Lisa Ceasar under pressure. The defending of short corners from Spalding was particularly impressive with Holly Gleave and player of the match Honor Pearson ensuring the balls were hit away safely. 
The opposition had some great attacking play and just before half time they scored to equalise from a wonderful slap into the top corner. At half time, manager Michael Morris suggested some strategies to prevent key players from Cambridge having an impact on the game and this certainly seemed to slow them down. Camille Rogers, who worked tirelessly to mark, kept a strong midfielder from dominating the second half and supported Spalding beautifully. It really did seem an end-to-end game but Cambridge just had the edge in the last twenty minutes. Although the defence demonstrated some real strength and calmness in the D with their hit outs and clearances and some incredible interceptions from Vicky Worrall, Cambridge snuck another in. 
The home side never allowed their heads to go down and grabbed a few more short corners. However, similarly to last week they could not score any more. Right at the last minute another deflection off several players found it’s way past the Spalding keeper to end the game in a 3-1 defeat. Spalding will continue to work hard in training and are eager to grab another three points next week.

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