Spalding 2’s triumphed over Ely City 2’s with a 5-1 victory.
The match began with Ely taking an early lead, putting Spalding on the back foot. However, the Spalding team responded swiftly and decisively. Charlotte Maplethorpe was quick to reply with a goal, capitalising on a well-placed pass from Karen Timby, leveling the score at 1-1.
As the first half progressed, Spalding began to assert their dominance. At the 25-minute mark, Kelly Slater unleashed a powerful strike, propelling the team into a 2-1 lead.
The second half witnessed Spalding’s relentless determination to secure victory. Player of the match Karen Timby continued to shine, slotting her first goal of the match shortly after the second half began, this time with an assist from Charlotte Maplethorpe, further solidifying Spalding’s lead at 3-1.
Sophie Wilson displayed impeccable skill, extending Spalding’s advantage by tapping in a well-earned goal, bringing the scoreline to 4-1.
The final flourish came from Karen Timby, who showcased her prowess with a spectacular top-corner strike, capping off her impressive performance and sealing the victory for Spalding with a final score of 5-1.
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