Spalding Ladies 3 2 St Ives 3 Ladies 4

Spalding immediately dominated with their accuracy when passing and driving down into the opposition’s D. With a few short passes, a short corner was quickly won and superbly struck by Sophie Wilson to take the lead 1-0 in a matter of minutes. The Spalding team seemed to really connect and work well together for the first 10-minute utilising the width and winning the balls. Soon after, the opposition suddenly overloaded the defence and midfield and began attacking relentlessly putting Spalding under pressure. It did not take long for St Ives to score their short corner not once but twice. Goalkeeper Freya Lee made some fabulous saves and communicated well with her defence but unfortunately, they just could not seem to reorganise their formation until their half time talk.

Managers were positive with the team and again they came back out and scored quickly with the delighted Vicky Worrall ensuring it cleared the line. Midfielders Emily Wright and Honor Pearson  ensured they kept wide and made some great passes to the incredible attacker of Honor Moore who went on to make some inspiring runs past the opposition. Joint players of the match Elosie Doherty and Leanne Issac-Pick ensured that tackles were made, spins were completed and that they attacked eagerly throughout their time on the pitch. St Ives began to pick up the pace once again towards the end of the half and ensured they won many more short corners especially when captain Charlotte Morris thought her feet would be more useful than her stick. They converted one more and even when Spalding were close with their last two corners, it just not meant to be. The game concluded with a loss but many positives to be taken away.

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