30/09/23 Match Report. Spalding 1s 5 – 3 Kettering 1s
Spalding came out strong off of 2 wins to face Kettering 1s at home. Spalding began the game taking push back and creating opportunities whilst keeping possession. With plenty of chances Spalding won a short corner via Steve Rogers. Spalding started the game off with an early lead with Stuart C slotting the ball into the top right corner of the goal, raising confidence for the boys. With consistent attacking play, a wild ball through from Josh R found the stick of Steve R to gain a deflection to fly into the back of the net off of another defenders stick putting the game at 2-0 close to the middle of the first half. Spalding then conceded a short corner as the ball hit a foot. Kettering then slipped the ball to one of their players to hit the ball and being saved by Oscar H to unluckily pop down to a Kettering attacker who put the ball into the goal to put the score at 2-1. To close the first half Spalding won a final short corner as the final whistle for the half blew. For a good end for the first half Stuart C flicked the ball into the bottom right corner to finish the half at 3-1 to Spalding.
Kettering started the second half and took Spalding by surprise and took opportunity from the break at half time to score an early goal from open play. To make things worse for Spalding Kettering managed to equalise the score at 3-3 by scoring off of a slipped pass on a short corner, however Spalding didn’t let this set back affect them as they kept heads high to win another short corner. The ball was played out to Jacob B who calmly placed the ball into the bottom right corner with complete composure. Spalding dropped down to 10 men on multiple occasions with Harry N and Harry B receiving 5 minute yellow cards and two green cards from Darren G and the interlocutor Brendan M. However, despite this Spalding stayed strong as Brendan M plays a wonder ball through to Steve R who hits the ball into the goal with a one handed reverse to leave the score at 5-3 as the end of the game came about. Finishing the game at a 5-3 win for Spalding, an amazing result for all of the lads who played.
MoM = Sam H
DoD = Darren G and Harry N
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