Spalding 3s 3 Bourne Deeping Ladies 2 0

Spalding keen to build upon the positive play from last weekend soon began passing the ball around beautifully utilising each other and trying to keep the ball wide. It did not take long before some battling in the D saw Lucy McClements win a short corner. Spalding ensured they nailed the first goal home smoothly from Sam Foston. This ladies side continued to pass the ball around to each other and were not afraid to take on the Bourne side with the tackles and carefully timed runs. Captain Charlotte Morris saw an opportunity from a hit out to reach the attacking D where McClements picked up the ball and slipped it to Chloe P who quickly returned it and then slotted it past the Bourne Deeping Keeper to make it 2-0 before half time. Spalding were keen for more and joint players of the match Chloe P and Eloise Doherty hassled continously breaking down playing and winning the ball ensuring Spalding had many more opportunities. 

Impressed manager George Morris at half time encouraged the ladies side to continue to win the ball and work hard which is exactly what they did. Honor Pearson and Terri Bateman made some wonderful passes linking with the attackers that presented the side with a few more chances. With Bourne fighting back in the last ten minutes, Spalding had to dig deep and show some creativity with a well placed aerial and a super strike from Morris to conclude the game at 3-0. This ladies side has a lot to offer in talent and team spirit. They are excited for travelling away next week seeking another three points. 

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