Spalding Ladies 1’s entered the first week of friendlies with a newly formed team to play Bourne Deeping. 

The game started well with Spalding passing the ball between themselves and gaining space to advance down the wings. Bourne Deeping held a strong defence making Spalding work hard to break through. Spalding maintained composure until a weakness was found within Bourne Deeping defence allowing them to progress into the D. Bourne Deeping advanced testing the strength of Spalding’s defence unfortunatly resulting in a goal being scored. The first half ended 1-0 to Bourne Deeping.

After a positive team talk Spalding began the second half aiming to score. Bourne Deeping quickly started attacking down the wings but Spalding held strong and denied this advance. Spalding continued to pass the ball around trying to create space to move into. Spalding again found the weak point in Bourne Deeping’s defence allowing them into the D for Jess Ball to expertly slot the ball passed the keeper. The game remained fairly even between the teams. Unfortunatly, due to a defensive error Bourne Deeping scored another goal late in the game. The game ended 2-1 to Bourne Deeping.

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