Many thanks to all the sponsors who dontated £100 to sponsor a player this season, if you would like to sponsor a player please email for further details. 

BRT Group Pacific Empire Foods


Player  Sponsor
Andy Barlow  Former Boston HC 
Ben Carr Former Boston HC 
Brendan Morris  Howard Morris 
Caz Chester-O’Neill Former Boston HC 
Charlotte Maplethorpe  Louise Maplethorpe 
Charlotte Morris  Anna Kingman
Christina Dewing  Rick Lowe 
Dave Burrell  Anonymous 
Donna Chester-O’neill Anonymous 
George Halgarth Anonymous 
Georgina Maplethorpe  Louise Maplethorpe 
Ian Ceaser Former Boston HC 
Jess Ball  Anonymous 
Joan Lavery  Louise Maplethorpe 
Josh Rowbottom  Joe Doolan 
Karen Louise Timby Mike Doolan 
Kate Beeson  Former Boston HC  
Kelly Tomlinson  Former Boston HC  
Laura Panton  Former Boston HC  
Lauren Spenceley  David  Spenceley 
Lisa Ceaser  Former Boston HC 
Lucy Simpson  Pacific Empire Foods
Matthew Peach  Andrew Peach 
Nina Halgarth Anonymous 
Robert Dalton  Dalton Family 
Ryan-Nathan Davy  Former Boston HC  
Sally Pilgrim  Matthew Pilgrim 
Sam Howitt  Dalton Family 
Shaun Dewing  Mia & Olivia Dewing
Stuart Cunningham Mel Rowbottom 
Tim Ames  Anonymous 
Tom Amess Anonymous 
Tom Ball  Anonymous 
Tom Davy  Former Boston HC  
Tom Everton  BRT Group