16/09/23 Match Report
Spalding turned up to a hot September day to play Norwich City 2s at surfleet. In an intense showdown, Spalding emerged victorious with a thrilling 3-2 win against Norwich City. The game was a true spectacle, showcasing the talent and determination of both sides.
Norwich City took an early lead to put them at 1-0 courtesy of a reverse bottom right. The game continued to be intense and Spalding made an equaliser with help from Dan A winning a short corner. Stuart C then precisely slotted the ball home into the bottom right corner leaving the game at 1-1 to end the first half.
The sun continued to beam down as the second half began. Back and forth play from both teams saw each of them entering the D multiple times but neither team able to finish their chances. However, Norwich City made a break on a counter attack to allow one of their players flicking the back into the top right corner, giving Norwich the lead early on in the second half. However, Spalding took their opportunities well winning a foot in the edge of the D, allowing Stuart C to react quick to the decision driving into the D to flick the ball into the back of the next levelling the score at 2 all.
Spalding kept fighting back against multiple counter attacks to win themselves another corner via Dan A. The ball was played out to Jacob B who skill-fully manoeuvred past 4 defenders to find the perfect pass to Harry W at the back post to put Spalding at a 3-2 lead.
However, the nadir of the day came about as the game took an unfortunate turn for Spalding by Norwich winning a penalty flick. Many heads dropped but Oscar H came through to save the penalty flick securing Spalding their lead as the boys all fought hard to keep the ball denying Norwich from scoring to bring about the final whistle, thus ending the game at 3-2 for Spalding and a well deserved win for the boys.
MoM – Oscar Haunch
DoD  – Harry Naylor
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