It was a new experience for all of the girls. 


They started off against Havering and were slow to start, a little nervous as they hadn’t played indoor before conceded an early goal and from their they just grew in confidence. Lost 2-1.  

The second game they took the next team Saffron Walden by surprise–and beat them 4-0!  Considering that team had an England player who Emma has defended against for years in the county matches and is twice Emma’s size it was an outstanding result!
Then unfortunately they were against Harleston Magpies who are the  defending National Champs and they lost 4-0 and that was a lesson in how to play in door hockey–very impressive but the girls held their own.  
The fourth game was against Sevenoaks and Becky got hurt so Rachel Perkins stepped in as kicking back.  A penalty flick was given, Becky kitted back up made an amazing save, then went off again.  In the second half of that game you would have been so impressed with how Rachel was protected by the other girls. They lost the game but drew the second half with a kicking back only.
In our final game Katie Gray kitted up as GK and her football skills came in handy and she made a very good goalie we lost that game 2-1.
The atmosphere of indoor hockey was alot of fun.  The umpires were very encouraging.  As the girls were all u16 in an u18 competition with the exception of Rachel they did brilliantly.  

Thank you Dave Burrell as with only 2 training sessions, he really got them organised and they thoroughly enjoyed you coaching them.  


Frances Dalton

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